What We Believe

We are a church in Canley, a group of people who meet together on Sundays and at other times during the week to worship God, share our needs in prayer with each other, and learn from the Bible.

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word to us, and it shows us how to live lives which are pleasing to God.

We believe that God created the World, and cares for His creation, and sent His Son to save us.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, both man and God.

We believe that we can’t please God on our own merit, and that we need Him to help us and to save us.

We believe that Jesus will come again, and that the whole world will be judged by Him.

You can also read our complete statement of faith

3 Responses to “What We Believe”


    Is this the church where that dear saint of God, Patricia St John once worshipped ? Her life made a great impact for God and for good and her books are still making an impact –she being dead yet speaketh

    • Jon Rogers says:

      Yes it is. Patricia is very fondly remembered by many here for her amazing service in Canley and worldwide.

      • DAVID GILLESPIE says:

        Thank you for your very speedy reply . A truly amazing woman . Wonderful to know that the same Lord Jesus Christ who shaped and used her life can do the same for unworthy vessels like us !

        May the Lord bless your witness for Him in these days of crisis

        Yours in Christ

        David Gillespie

        Northern Ireland

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