Easing of Covid restrictions

As a Leadership Team we have discussed how we should respond to the recent easing of government restrictions. We
want to encourage as many as possible to attend the Family Service but are also aware of high infection rates and the
vulnerability of some of those who attend.

We plan to:
• Continue using sanitizer when entering the building
• Continue spacing out the rows of chairs
• Continue to allow air flow by opening windows.
• Continue to encourage those attending to book in advance in order to keep records for Track and Trace, although there is no longer a limit on numbers.

We encourage those who attend to wear a face covering (unless exempt) while moving around but these may be removed for the second half of the service, while seated.
We are very happy to say that we can all now sing but encourage you to wear your face covering while doing so.
We encourage those who feel more vulnerable, or who wish to remain more distanced, to sit on the carpeted area to
ensure that no one is singing behind them.
We will review these arrangements in a few weeks and adjust as required but we look forward to singing together on Sunday.

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