A toilet outsideLent starts on Wednesday and we have a challenge for you! Listen to Claire’s explanation or read more below.


A friend of ours is a missionary that we and other churches have sent to work in Nigeria teaching people to read so that eventually they will be able to read their Bibles among other things. Comfort Davies has helped to set up 9 schools in her local area, but none of them have any toilets. Can you imagine learning all day at school but not having a toilet for when you need it?
Our challenge is to do something positive this lent – build a toilet. In fact, it’s about raising the money to build two toilets – and we’ll be setting the men against the women in doing it. Why not put 10p in a jar on the shelf in your bathroom every time you go – you’ll be surprised how much you can raise by Easter in this way. Also, why not commit to doing this by letting us know.
Making just a small change this lent (using your small change up) can make a huge difference and bring a great blessing.

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