Worship with us on 26 April 2020

This Sunday we invite you to join us for worship in your own home by using the link below. You will find some led worship and readings from the Taylor family along with a short talk from David Spriggs.

Just a reminder that the song recorded at the church was recorded before the strict lockdown began.

You can watch today’s service on youtube or below and listen to David’s talk on “Worship and Confession”, starting our new series, “Here we are to Worship”.

Worship with us on 29 March

This week we’ve tried something different, we hope to keep experimenting with this format for worship over the coming weeks. Rather than a live service streamed to you we have recorded clips that will play one after the other – something we can share in advance with those who don’t have the technology to stream.

To worship with us on Sunday, click to open the youtube playlist – and if you have Touchstone, grab a copy of the words of our songs so you can join in from your sofa!

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