4Cs Cafe

The church building is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 9am to 2pm (during term times) and serves a wide range of food and drinks. We have various different coffees, teas and cold drinks as well as cakes, light snacks and breakfast available.

The staff and volunteers are very friendly and will make you very welcome. If you want to volunteer, find out more!

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  1. tony urish says:

    we ? would like to come to bbq what time 11am till ?#
    do we bring food

    • Jon Rogers says:

      BBQ service on 22/07/12 starts at 11 and I expect food will go on past 12:30. No need to bring any food, it’s all provided by the church. See you on Sunday!

  2. […] games morning now happens every Thursday 11 am till 1 pm in term time (when the CafeĀ is open), whenever there are enough people to play. We are a small but enthusiastic band of games […]

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