About Canley Community Church

We’re a friendly, open church who try to make everyone feel welcome, whether you’re a visitor or you’ve come hundreds of times. 

We’re committed to using the Bible to determine how we meet together, how we worship and what we do in the community. We are convinced that God is just as relevant to our world today as when the Bible was written and seek to share this with everyone.

We want to make lots of contributions in the Canley area. There are lots of groups that meet in the church building and our members are involved in many different community groups.

Our main Sunday service is at 11am and you can find out about all our weekly activities (including things for families and children) on the website, find out about how students can fit in, listen to some of the teaching that has been given on Sunday mornings or just have a look around!

You can also find us on Facebook – and “like” us!

You can read a copy of the welcome leaflet we give to friends and visitors below.

Download: Canley Community Church Welcome Leaflet

3 Responses to “About Canley Community Church”

  1. Roy Pettifer says:

    Hi, I was just browsing the web and noted a reference in your web site to bob Pettifer evangelist I am his brother and he died in the early 1960 s. so I wondered why his name would crop up in connection with your church does a member remember him. Kind regards Roy Pettifer

    • Mr Douglas Field says:

      Hello. I have just seen your e-mail of January 2014 on the Canley Community Church website. I remember your brother Mr Bob Pettifor, when he came to Coventry to conduct the first evangelistic campaign, after the church was opened in 1956 (then known as Charter Gospel Hall). I was in my late teens at the time and he stayed with my late parents, Mr & Mrs Eric Field. I particulary remember that the picture used to promote the camaign showed him in his RAF uniform. My father was ex RAF and subsequently both my brother and I served in the RAF doing our Natonal Service in the 1950’s.
      Kind regards
      Douglas Field

  2. L Boland says:

    Just browsing Google maps to see where the Church was located and came across this article. My Aunt and Uncle Gibson were members there many years ago. Their Daughter Ruth married a Almond Hedley in July 1963,from this Church. Also believe a Mr Stuart Towler was a member at some time.

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