We love to welcome students to Canley Community Church! Quite a few of our congregation were students at Warwick University, so we know a little bit what it’s like to look for a church where you’re really welcomed by everyone.

If you’re looking for a church where you will really be a part of the action, where you can join in and help in all the different things we do, come to Canley. You probably won’t join us if you’re looking for a church with loads of students and a massive student work – we only have a small number of students at Canley, but each one is loved and made to feel at home.

We have a place for students who want to get involved in the activities of the church, whatever gifts you have. You could join with us in:

  • 4th Sunday – a very different style of service that includes food, fun and families getting to know a bit more about Jesus. You could help with setting up or running the service.
  • Music – playing in church services on a Sunday, but we also have a choir for special events in the year.
  • Helpers – we do community projects like cleaning up overrun gardens etc.
  • Church Cafe – started a year ago, running each Friday – would you like to volunteer to serve food and drinks?
  • Vulnerable people – we have a number of works working with older people and adults with learning difficulties which require lots of volunteers (you’ll need to have a CRB check of course)

You’ll be able to get support from ex-Warwick students who have experienced the challenges of University life and good teaching from different preachers each week in the services. We also have a long tradition of inviting students for lunch on Sundays.

The church is just a short walk from the main campus of the University of Warwick – about a mile, 20 minutes walk for most people (it’s even closer to Westwood Campus). There’s a map you can download, or find us on google maps.

2 Responses to “Students”

  1. James says:


    I was hoping to come and try out Canley CC tomorrow and I wanted to ask if I could stay for lunch? I was just worried if I just turned up it would be too short notice.


    • Jon Rogers says:

      Hi! I’ve emailed you about tomorrow, but even turning up on the day would be fine, I’m almost certain we could organise something. Do come and say hi to me, I’ll be sorting out the computer at the back of the church.

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