60 Years of Canley – photos

Photos used last week at our 60th Anniversary to show how the church developed from Charter Gospel Hall to Canley Evangelical Church to Canley Community Church now.

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Looking Good at 60!

Let us know if you can come to the celebration events for our 60th anniversary on Saturday 12 November

  • Thanks for the memories 2pm
  • Celebration Praise 3.30pm
  • Afternoon Tea 4.30pm
  • Musical Evening 6pm

Mid-week activities are re-starting!

4Cs Cafe logoWelcome back! Here are the dates and times of all the activities that are starting up again after the summer break.

CARD CLUB – 1pm Tues 13th

MUCKY DUCKS – 9am Wednesday 14th

CAMEO – 1.45pm Wednesday 7th

MID-WEEK LUNCH – 12.15pm Wednesday 21st

4Cs & Daytimers – 9am Thursday 8th

CAUSEWAY/PROSPECTS – 7.30pm Friday 9th

Summer Break!

This week our Mid-week activities are closed for the summer holidays. Volunteers will be rested & the church will be tidied!

Back in September!
MUCKY DUCKS: 9am Wednesday 14th
CAMEO: 1.45pm Wednesday 7th
MID-WEEK LUNCH: 12.15pm Wednesday 21st
4Cs & Daytimers: 9am Thursday 8th
CAUSWAY/PROSPECTS: 7.30pm Friday 16th

Save the date! Saturday 12 November 2016

balloon_stock_png_by_mysticmorning-d3kdoy9Dear friends of Canley Community Church (Formerly Canley Evangelical church) Charter Avenue, Coventry CV48DA

You are invited to our 60th Anniversary

Saturday 12th November 2016

2pm Reunion, remember & Recharging

4pm Afternoon tea

6pm Musical Evening – Showing & using our talents

  • Remember what God has done
  • Celebrate his faithfulness.
  • Hear & see what God is doing today at Canley Community Church

Sunday 6th November 11am
Service of thanksgiving
Speaker: Rev, Dr. Derek Tidball
Formerly Principle of London School of Theology

Programme & details to follow on
RSVP – dougpreston52@gmail.com
Updates – www.canley.org.uk

Alpha – starting 26 January

Alpha is for everyone who is curious about life and faith. Come and join us on Tuesdays for conversation over a free light lunch. Each week there
will be a short video to explore the basics of Christianity and then it is over to you – no question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you like. Alpha runs for 8 weeks.

Starts Tuesday 26th January 11.00am – 12.30pm
Doug Preston: 07940 593 138 dougpreston52@gmail.com
Claire Martin: 07745 681 644

Download a flyer