Who We Are

Though Canley Community Church is much bigger than just the people listed on this page, the leaders listed below are often a good point of contact in the church. (We’ve still got some photos and information to add here – sorry!)

Karen CurranKaren Curran

Karen is a mum of 3 grown up children and looking forward to her first grandchild. She is married to Mark and works as a College lecturer. She can often be seen leading worship at Canley.

Mark CurranMark Curran

Mark is married to Karen (see above) and often plays (or tries to play) his guitar for worship services at Church. He works for an organisation that builds retirement villages and he hopes to retire himself some day – when he can find the time!

Claire Martin

Claire is a mother of four and an owner of a brown labrador retriever dog. Much of her time at the church is spent in the kitchen preparing meals. These include a mid week lunch, breakfast for the Mucky Ducks group, Sunday Community Lunches and the running of the church cafe (4Cs).

Katia MerineKatia Merine

Katia is a Cultural studies postgraduate, French speaking, born on a lovely island. She loves socializing and cooking.

Doug PrestonDoug Preston

Doug is employed as the Pastoral Community Worker at CCC, he runs groups which connects people with the bible while supporting their pastoral & social needs. Doug co-ordinates house groups & Cap Money Management Courses.

Jon RogersJon Rogers

Jon is a husband, a dad and a secondary school teacher. He sometimes preaches at Canley and can often be found pressing buttons on a computer! It’s Jon who will first read your email if you contact us through the website.

Kathy Yates

Kathy leads the children’s work at the church, and oversees the finances. In her spare time she works as an accountant.